River Ridge Farm

"...specializing in Savannah kittens, Coopworth wool, fiber artistry and stained glass designs..."

Kittens Available

We have a new litter of F3C kittens born on September 24, 2012. for photos and additional information, please email:






Lalapolooza, is our F2 queen, and gave birth this past spring. Her outstanding "people skills" and practical nature provide her kittens with a unique combination of dependence on humans amid an independent, intelligent curiosity. She is very helpful and loyal to her people and a wonderful momma. She shares her babies with her special human friends, who are expected to "babysit" while Mom snoops around the house. 




Djembe, our F4 male, is a big baby who snuggles and purrs and cries in a little baby voice. But his dominant cattitude rules the food dishes and best sunbeams. Since TICA has recognized the Savannah breed, we are expecting him to show in the near future. 
ROSCO is the latest addition to our little family. Rosco is an F7SBT silver boy. Although he is silver, he is hetergygous, carrying for gold, too, so every litter will be a surprise.